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Rave Reviews for Apocalypse from W. G. Sweet.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars.


☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars.

Enjoyed it

Realistic, no happily ever after here.

Raw Survival in a Crushed World

Chaos reigns after the crash of a meteorite that begins a domino effect of cataclysmic portions around the world. With no laws, no military, no leaders to follow, survivors band together in a desperate search for safe havens across the globe. Follow the stories of these lost souls as they begin their quest to rebuild what remains of humanity while witnessing both the best and worst the human race has to offer.

Earth’s Survivors: Apocalypse by Dell Sweet follows isolated survivors from across the country as they wander through the nightmare their lives have become. Heroes come in all sizes and shapes, meet them here as they risk their lives to lead or follow in a world where the rules are made up minute by minute. I found myself asking, “What would I do, would I have the strength to lead fairly? Would I have the trust to follow a stranger? Why does evil survive and hate thrive in times of crisis?”

What Dell Sweet has done is bring an apocalyptic event to life, fueling the flames of chaos by highlighting different groups in different areas, all facing the confusion and fear of a world gone mad, of death and loss. Still the hope comes through, as innocent victim’s band together to become real survivors, real heroes. Adding another terrifying layer to an already decimated world, are the lawless, those who are wired to overpower, destroy and take through heinous acts of villainy. I found myself asking why they survived, what short circuit in their brains make them the way they are?

There are no superheroes, there is no magic, this is survival, raw, real and filled with brutal scenes vividly described, characters that come alive with emotions we can all relate to and bold and braves moves made while heading into the unknown of tomorrow. Will they survive or have governments betrayed their people before collapsing? The stage has been set for more and I want to take this ride to the very end.

I was riveted to each page, stopping just short of taking notes; far too realistic to be ignored, far too well-written not to fall into each page!

#Apocalyptic #Survivalist #Preppers #TheFallofSociety;jsessionid=9FF0557EF17B09272AB59BBA6A5FF4CB.prodny_store01-atgap10?ean=2940046551945


Connected: Short Hauls

A collection of twelve crime stories; including Harrows...

They had been drinking one night when Robby had come out with the murder bit. Jeff had been talking about other men he had met in prison…;jsessionid=1121969F4F0222B20963CDF3DB4D4D88.prodny_store01-atgap14?ean=2940155266105

Connected: Dello Green

Jimmy West backed his big Dodge around to an open dumpster container, late afternoon was a perfect time. The county residents not in evidence: The large trucks done with their routes for the day: The dump about to close down for another day. Whenever he had something to dispose of and he needed privacy, he timed it so that he was here in the late afternoon just as he was now…

Connected: Sanger Road

Connected, a series from W. W. Watson. Sanger Road: Book one...

Pulled from his mundane life, Billy finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything...

Settlement Earth

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One

I took a trip around the upstairs. The boards are all tight, but the night is dragging on and the dead are still too quiet: That bothers me a great deal. I don't know what they are up to. I will be glad when morning arrives, although to be honest it doesn't seem to stop them much anymore…

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Two Andrea Zurita had been alive for the second time for more than three days. The men who had left her body had done so carefully: Senor Prescott would be very angry to find them on his land: Transgressions had been met with violence in the past, the bodies dumped into the ocean…

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Three

An alarm that was mounted partway up the wall above the huge banks of monitors began to bray. Long, strident calls. Mieka turned to the alarm, frozen for a second. It had never been triggered in the ten years he had worked at the Alaska station…

Guitar Works

Guitar Works Volume Seven: Bone Nut and Saddle

It will show you how to take a bone blank and turn it into a saddle; how to get the shape and measurements you need to accomplish it: How to install it and set it up to your own tastes…

Guitar Works Volume Six: Repair a Broken Neck

This will cover a snapped neck, where the neck is cracked in two. How to make a lasting repair and the order in which to do the multiple repairs you will need to perform to do that…

Guitar Works Volume Two: Custom Builds 1

The guide is the second in the Guitar Works series and is fully illustrated with 70 images and descriptive text to guide you.

I hope you enjoy the following information, Geo Dell…

Guitar Works Beginner Builds

A guitar build start to finish. From writing out my expectations, to parts lists, to finding and using the parts. guitar. I have provided two examples, an LP and a SG body, both built in my shop…

Guitar Works Volume Three: Custom Builds Two

This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes. I planned out this build for several months and then put the pieces together…

Guitar Works Volume Nine

I began this scrap wood build with only a neck that I was reluctant to throw away and a body blank I had made from some recycled roof rafters and abandoned for a year. I looked over the drawers in my shop cabinets and decided I could pull enough parts together to do the build…

Guitar Works Volume Five: Neck Refret

This manual is designed to get you comfortable with doing your own neck repairs, refretting jobs and cutting, shaping and installing your own nut or saddle…

Paul Block


Dead is a collection of eight short stories that all look at death from different angles. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances that death just happens to play a leading role in.

Alive Again

They had been three. Traveling together for safety. In the world of the Un-dead... And they didn't kid themselves, it was the world of the Un-dead, and there was little enough protection even traveling as a group.

Green Valley Farm: A Zombie Love Story

by A L Norton P Block. I picked up my old shot gun where it sat next to the door, eased the door open and flicked on the porch light. He jumped back into the shadows.

“Step out into the light,” I tried not to sound as afraid as I was.

“No,” he rasped

“Step out here or I'll shoot,” I tried again.

Nothing but silence, and in that silence I got a bad feeling. Something was wrong. It came to me about the same time that he stepped into the light. There was no sound of breathing. It was dead quiet, that was what my panicked mind was trying to tell me. My own panicked breathing was the only sound... #Zombie #Horror #nook

The Death Squad 1: When all the dead wake in the old barn across the road I’ll be ready for them. My rifle is also loaded, but I have less ammunition for it and it isn't worth a damn up close. Lana was a lot smarter about weapons than I was... Much smarter. And look what happened to her… #Zombie #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Death Squad 2: She blinked away tears as she looked out over the night darkened city: The fires that burned; the dead that prowled the streets. She had popped her last nitro the day before. It had taken the pain in her chest down, but it had not stopped it. Too much excitement. Too much damage from the drug use that had ravaged her body. #Undead #Zombies #Apocalyptic

A L Norton

Mother Should Have Helped Build the Wall

by A. L. Norton. Troubles with dad were about to begin, the bullying at school was about to start, and a shitstorm of a life was waiting ahead of me. But at the moment, I was a four-year-old little girl, with hopes, dreams, and someone who thought she had a whole life ahead of her, with endless possibilities. #childabuse #sexualabuse

Dell Sweet

Borderline: Collected Short Stories by Dell Sweet. He bent and looked in passenger window. One man was toppled over into the floorboards of the car, blood pooled beneath him on the seat, and smeared across the seat back. The driver was dead also, he thought, slumped over the steering wheel, but a second later when he started to turn away a cold 45 was Jammed into his face. Borderline and 16 other short stories by Dell Sweet. #crimefiction #dellsweet

Dreamers by Dell Sweet. Bird song came to me from the open window on a light, warm breeze. The smells of greenery floating on it. The air settled into my lungs, I pushed it out, sucked in another deep breath and the panic began to fall away. The beads of sweat on my body beginning to cool in the light breeze. I lay still, calming myself... Letting the life come back into my body... #Dreamer #Fantasy #Horror

Geo Dell

Mexico by Geo Dell. He could feel the slick blood and splinters of bone under his hand, but he pushed the knowledge out of his mind, took a deep breath, braced himself and then reached down with his free hand and snatched the handles pulling the heavy bag free. #crimefiction #nook #action

All Geo Dell Books: #GeoDell #ZombieFiction #Horror


Fig Street W. G. Sweet Book 1

Under the city of Glennville a series of caves cut from the limestone by the Black River attract visitors, children, some have entered and never come out; maybe lost, maybe part of Glennville's secrets. Something else lives in the cold, dark caves. Something some have suspected but refuse to believe. After all, it's 1969. Things are rational, safe.

The Great Go-Cart Race Book 2

A short story that goes back to a time when life was simpler. This short story is set in the fictitious city of Glennville where the Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth series is set. It introduces Bobby and Moon who play a part in the Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth series in books four and five. #Summer #Glennville

The End of Summer Book 3

Back to the City of Glennville and three friends in the summer of 1969... #Summer #YouthFiction

Alabama W. G. Sweet Book 4

Just after Joel began to lower the rifle the Suburban's headlights suddenly flicked on and the rear tires spun on the slick pavement smoking and screaming as they clawed for purchase. The engine whined higher in pitch and the big Suburban seemed to jump out into the intersection… #Apocalypse #EndTimes

Genesis Earth Book 1: Glennville Book 5

Genesis Earth is a trilogy of books that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth as she faces a mighty battle of super powers rarely glimpsed by mankind. Facing complete global destruction small group’s band together to fight the powers that seem to be pushing the earth toward her final destruction.

Genesis Earth Book 2: Glennville Book 6

Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils is the second book in a trilogy of books that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth as she faces a mighty battle of super powers rarely glimpsed by mankind. Facing complete global destruction small group’s band together to fight the powers that seem to be pushing the earth toward her final destruction.

Genesis Earth Book 3: Glennville Book 7

Genesis Earth: The Roads Out Of Eden is the third and final book in this trilogy that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth as she faces a mighty battle of super powers rarely glimpsed by mankind. Facing complete global destruction small group’s band together to fight the powers that seem to be pushing the earth toward her final destruction.

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Earth’s Survivors

Earth's Survivors Rising from the Ashes Geo Dell

Survive the end of society as we know it. The end begins with scattered survivors struggling to understand what has happened to the safe, familiar world they knew... #Apocalypse #ExtinctionEvent

Earth's Survivors The Nation Geo Dell

We think so highly of ourselves that we believe that the end of society means the end of the world, and I guess it did for us... some of us. But the end of the world? No. The world will go on and... #Horror

Dead Road

Dead Road Trigger James Whyte

I want the two of you to head out from here. One vial here, then one of you heads west, the other south. Go for the bigger cities... Water supplies... Reservoirs... Release it in the air or water, it doesn't matter. #ApocalypticFiction #Zombie

Dead Road Bang James Whyte

He had hid for three days until the word had trickled down to him some federal agents from the U.S. were looking for him. It hadn't taken much to put two and two together. He had managed to get a beat up old Ford pickup truck and then filled-fifty five gallon drums full of gasoline that rode on the back of it. He set off into the desert.


He had walked past the mouth of the alleyway twice already. There was someone in the car, just a suggestion of a someone, but someone nonetheless. Wasn't there? Or was it his mind playing tricks on him?

The motor purred softly on the old Ford as it sat in the alleyway, the exhaust rumbling off the brick walls. Just far enough back so as not to attract a great deal of attention, but close enough that it had caught Billy's attention. And the problem with that was it would not let him go. He had to know what the car was doing there.

He thought for a second longer, staring into the dimness, trying to see better. Checked the street; nobody, and then made his way down the alleyway. He bent and looked in passenger window. One man was toppled over into the floorboards of the car, blood pooled beneath him on the seat, and smeared across the seat back. The driver was dead also, he thought, slumped over the steering wheel, but a second later when he started to turn away a cold 45 was Jammed into his face.

Borderline and 16 other short stories by Dell Sweet.

#Crime #ebooks

Dreamers Series: Singles By Dell Sweet

I was so caught up in wondering about the sparrow, that I paid no attention to the old man wandering slowly up the path behind me. The grit of a footstep at nearly the last second was all that alerted me. My hands came up reflexively and caught the edge of the wire as it came down to circle my throat. It bit into my hands momentarily before I was able to duck, roll off the bench; pulling myself free, hanging onto the wire with one hand. Pulling Abignew with me over the top of the bench. Catching him by surprise. Blood ran down one of my hands from the bite of the wire, but both of my hands closed around Abignew's neck, my thumbs on his windpipe, crushing. Squeezing. #SCIFI #Fantasy #Mythology


TRUE STORIES from a Small Town #1

These stories look are like snapshots at points in my life. They are part of a much larger work I intend to eventually publish

The Body

The man in the water seemed strange to me, but at four I didn't really understand death, I only understood that there was something wrong with the man, and the group of men gathered around him, including my father, only served to make me wonder what it was... #TrueStories #Crime #Drugs

TRUE: True Stories from a Small Town #2

by Dell Sweet

Twelve years ago, after years of drug and Alcohol abuse I fell down completely. Destroyed the life I had and went to prison. I am not the sort of man who believes people should get a pat on the wrist and then move on. I didn't always believe that. But I went and I did my time because I was guilty, and I worked at understanding myself and then, a few years ago I came home… #Death #Hospice

True: True Stories from a small town #3: Life in A minor

In AA they say that addictions will take you to hospitals, Mental Institutions and Prisons. It's true. They will. I have been in all of those places because of my addictions. But addictions are not responsible for the life I lead entirely, and certainly not responsible for the things I did. #TrueStories #Addictions #Recovery

Writing Basics

In the Example at the beginning, the Grandma Zombie story, you might think, what personal life could you inject into that story? Well, the name of the retirement home was Huntington, my real Grand Mother lived in Huntingtonville. My real Grandmother had a cat. Not a really big deal, but there is truth there, buried in the fiction, that allows me to draw on emotion, and just as important it allows the story to flow because I know this Grandma. She is my own. #Writing #Fiction #Authors


Zombie: Outbreak: The Graveyard.

The moon rode high in the sky. Moonlight gleamed from bits of gravel in the dirt road that lead into the barn. Silence held, and then a scraping came from the ground, muffled, deep... #ZombieFiction #Horror

Zombie: Mission Zero

The Zombie Killers are the men and women who keep the new settlements safe for the other Earth's Survivors that would not be able to exist without their help and intervention. #Survival #Zombie

Zombie: Origins

I walked through the park. There were hundreds there already. In the coming days those same people began to make the park home. But that day they wandered aimlessly. In shock. The subway was shut down, most of it flooded. The buses parked. You could not find a cab. The same with the cops. Everything that was the same about the city. The things you could depend on to be the same day after day, were gone. #ZombieApocalyse #ApocalypticHorror

Zombie: The Final Mission

Watertown N.Y.: Pearl made her way out of Watertown after escaping from project Bluechip where she had been held captive. She made her way to the Nation early on, becoming one of the builders of that society. She joined forces with Billy, Adam and Beth making the Zombie Killers a reality. Together they run supply missions for the Nation and fight the growing number of dead. But Pearl has a secret that time alone can reveal, and when she does reveal it, it changes the course of the Nation's future, as well as the course of the Zombie Killers. #ZombieKillers #ZombieFiction

Zombie Fall

She stayed until three days ago. I wouldn't have been able to get this house closed up on my own. Della worked side by side with me. That was early, before we knew they would come out into the sunlight. Johnny, that was her fella’s name, came for her in the daylight when we were closing up the house. If not for the bad leg he would have got her. If not for the fact that we were close to the living room door he might have got her. He might have got her because we both froze. And, when I realized I had to move she was still froze, just looking at his ruined, rotted face. #Zombie #Horror #Apocalyptic

Geo Dell

The Zombie Plagues

"A little short," Ben said.

"My ass," Daryl said.

"It is going to be your ass," Ben agreed quietly. "There are two and two missing. See this mark?" He turned one of the bricks over to show a mark in the shape of a star. "I know that mark. That mark tells me a lot: Where it came from, which clan made it and what it is: Pure heroin. I mean pure. Hasn't been touched. #Undead #Zombies #Crime;jsessionid=F2BE87E4443299DA741DAF050267A857.prodny_store01-atgap17?ean=2940045283731

Early morning darkness held the road that fronted the cave. The moonlight, sparse, reflected off the rapids of the Black river. A shadow moved by one of the pickup trucks. #Zombies #Horror

“It's all right. It's not so bad. The bad part is this” she raised her hand to indicate the world. “Who knew all of this was... Gone... Who knew?” #Zombie #Horror

Her new eyes saw more than her old eyes had ever seen, though not precisely as she had seen with those other eyes. This sight was not suited to daylight. It could see - would see - in daylight, but not well. The lesser light of the moon was the light she needed. #Zombie #Horror #Undead #Nook

The canvas moved and a rotting face slipped from inside, hissing as the sun touched it, quickly allowing the draped canvas to fall closed once more. #Horror #Zombies

He cried out involuntarily, and then his body jerked and the back of his head slammed into the rough planks of the siding. His mouth opened to scream and he snapped it shut. #Zombie #Horror #Nook #eBook


White Trash: The smell of hot metal filled the air. David peered into the car on the cement pad first: the trunk, popped open. All objects scattered throughout the inside of the car. Antifreeze dripped from under the hood and onto the concrete. #CrimeFiction #Action #Urban