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Glennville Book 1 W. G. Sweet May 2021Wendell Sweet

He was even with the thing, and it was not a dog, or even a tame bear, unless tame bears looked exactly like a person’s body. Because that is what it was, a body... #horror #fantasy

The End of Summer

Glennville Book 2 W. G. Sweet, Wendell Sweet

The summer of 1969 was winding down. The warm air held a smell 13 year old Bobby Weston couldn't quite identify but nevertheless acquainted with going back to school... #summer #Youth

The Great Go Cart Race

Glennville Book 3 W. G. Sweet, Wendell Sweet

"Truck!" Moon screamed as Bobby flew past him. He stumbled, fell, picked himself up, and ran back towards the stone entrance post, watching the intersection as he went. #summer #Youth

Genesis Earth: Armageddon

Glennville Book 5 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

On a faraway planet two armies face each other. This battle would determine the outcome of the battle on Earth, and there were no guarantees how it would finish up. In the Heavens, God reigns, offering the paths that can be followed. A beast locked within a pit for eons is bought to the surface in chains to stand before him, and is ultimately loosed on the world.

Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils

Glennville Book 6

W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

In the second book the destruction has begun, and the lines have been clearly drawn. Those who are left alive, and those who have risen from the dead will begin to follow the paths that they have chosen, some reaching for salvation, some bent on complete destruction, others only long for the end of the fight and the peace they hope it will bring.

Genesis Earth: The roads out of Eden

Glennville Book 7 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

In the third book the battle is racing toward conclusion. There are no guarantees of the outcome, those that fight, fight with the knowledge that they may fall and stay fallen forever, but that they might also rise to a new life. Those that have risen from the dead and those that abide in life will make their choices and the final battle will decide.


Glennville Book 8 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

Joel has lived and worked his whole life in the small town of Glennville, but his life is about to change forever; only time will tell if it is for the better or the worse... #Fantasy #horror

The Glennville books. In the small city of Glennville people tend to stay to themselves. Neighbors matter. The streets are safe for children to travel on their own: Play kick the can after dark. But the city has its dangers... #horror #fantasy

White Trash.

April stared into the suitcase.

“Has to be. I don’t even know,” she squatted down, rested her elbows onto her knees, staring into the bag.

“A couple of million dollars,” David scratched the side of his head. “Gotta be.” #CrimeFiction

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America the Dead, Earth’s Survivors, The Nation Chronicles and more

The Nation Chronicles

The Nation Chronicles: Book One

The end of life as we know it. An epic adventure presented in three books. The tale of a small group of men and women we follow through the rapture. Some are taken, some are left behind… #Armageddon #Rapture

The Nation Chronicles: Book Two

Book two in The Nation Chronicles trilogy. The rapture has come. Those left have their choices to make. Some believe they have already made them, some are sure they haven't... #ChristianFiction #Rapture

The Nation Chronicles: Book Three

The trilogy ends here in book three. Those who have been through the beginning must now push through to the end... #Rapture #Armageddon

America the Dead

Earth's Survivors America the Dead: Begins the End

When a catastrophic natural disaster looms on the near horizon, the government releases an airborne virus designed to make the human race tougher, better able to survive. #Zombie #Apocalyptic

Earth's Survivors America the Dead: Los Angeles.

An apocalypse of epic proportions has shaken the Earth to its core. In the bigger cities the dead are growing quickly in numbers. Growing intelligent... #Apocalyptic #Zombie

Earth’s Survivors

Earth's Survivors: Rising from the Ashes

The end has come for most of the world's population. Small groups of survivors are picking up the pieces... Learning to live again... #Apocalyptic #Preppers #Horror

Earth's Survivors: The Nation

The survivors are on the road looking for a place to begin again...

Mike awoke before dawn. He lay quietly, feeling the heat from Candace's body... #Horror #Apocalyptic

Earth's Survivors: Home in the Valley

The roads were bad. Much worse than they had been and good fuel was tough to find. It was even tough to tell if it was good fuel. #ApocalypticFiction #Horror

The Zombie Plagues

The Zombie Plagues: Billy Jingo Book 1

Jefferson Prescott stood quietly and sipped at his coffee. The house in Esmeraldas was his private escape. He could sit and watch the ocean or travel into the mountains from here... #Zombie #Apocalypse

The Zombie Plagues: Southland Book 2

“As most of you know” Glenn began “I'm in favor of leaving Watertown. I think you've all heard my reasons, but what I would like to let you know is that we're going to go.” #Survival #Zombie #Apocalypse

The Zombie Plagues: War Book 3

The thing they had not counted on was POP-11 itself. POP-11 would not allow a complete over-ride, or a complete shut-down either. Richard had not been able to shut-down POP-11... #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: To build a Nation Book 4

“We were running at night...”

“That I remember,” Pearl agreed.

“We stopped to check out this housing project. Like upscale houses out in the desert...” #Apocalyptic #Zombies

The Zombie Plagues: Doomed Book 5

“I’ll kill you,” The kid said. He held his gun sideways like some banger kid. Blood trickled slowly from one nostril, as well as from several deep cuts up the left side of his face... #Zombie #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness Book 6

The little area that serviced the interstate contained a motel unit that had seen better days. Most of the units were flattened. The swimming pool was cracked and empty… #Zombies #Horror #ApocalypticFiction

The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall Book 7

Beth walked along silently; Bear beside her. He had waited as she made a quick trip to the garage, and then they had walked slowly into the junk yard… #Zombies #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Return Book 8

They were parked in the middle of the highway. There were three dead zombies lying scattered in the highway. They had been living in the SUV when Zac and Amanda had happened along. #Zombie #Apocalypse #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Box Set

The first six books in the Zombie Plagues Series, along with an alternate ending and a character bibliography. #ZombiePlagues #Horror