Knock Kindle Edition: One of the things we noticed was that those bastards got smarter... Faster... Like... like they were evolving. There I said it. I know how it sounds, but it is true. Watch for yourself and see... #Zombie #Apocalypse

Crime Time Kindle Edition Crime Time is a collection of nine crime stories from author Dell Sweet. From short stories to near novel length... #CrimeStories #ShortStories #CrimeFiction

Mister Bob: Collected Short Stories Kindle Edition: Mister Bob is a collection of short stories from Author Dell Sweet.FIREFIGHT: Private Johnson finds himself in the middle of a firefight in the jungles of Vietnam... #ShortStories #Fiction

Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts on the Moon, Mars and Saturn's moons. #SpaceOpera #SpaceSettlement

Earth's Survivors Rising from The Ashes: A meteorite hit becomes the cap to a series of events that destroyed the world as they know it. Police, fire, politicians, military, governments: All gone. #ApocalypticFiction #Survival

Earth's Survivors The Nation: From L.A. To Manhattan the cities, governments have toppled and lawlessness is the rule. The dead lay in the streets while gangs fight for control of what is left... #Apocalypse #survivalduringdisasters

Earth's Survivors Home In The Valley by Geo Dell (Author), Andrea Scroggs (Editor) 3.6 out of 5 stars 21 ratings. The man began to raise his rifle when they opened up on him. He dropped instantly, but no one stopped firing... #Horror #Apocalyptic

Connected: Short Hauls Kindle Edition: A collection of seven crime stories; including Harrows...

They had been drinking one night when Robby had come out with the murder bit. #crime #stories #ConnectedSeries

Connected: Dello Green Kindle Edition: Jimmy West backed his big Dodge around to the dumpster; late afternoon was a perfect time. The county residents not in evidence: The large trucks done with their routes for the day... #Murder #crime #ConnectedSeries

Connected: Sanger Road Kindle Edition: Connected, a series from W. W. Watson. Sanger Road: Book one...

Pulled from his mundane life, Carl finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything... #ConnectedSeries #crime #fiction

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One Kindle Edition:

The first quake had been minor, the last few had not. The big one was coming. The satellite links were down, but Doctor Alan Weber didn't need to have a satellite link up to know that. #Horror

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Two Kindle Edition: The cop took Ben's gun and dropped it into the blue duffel bag. He took Ed's gun, then Daryl's, and Danny's last... #crime #fiction #eBook

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Three Kindle Edition: Most days he didn't think of his old life, but when he did it wasn't with regrets. The hardest thing of all had been shooting Nikki... #crime #ebook #survivalduringdisasters

Dell Sweet was born in Western New York. He wrote his first fiction at age seventeen. #Author #Writers

Geo Dell is a pen name used for several decades by writer Wendell G Sweet. #Authors #Writer

Wendell Sweet was born in northern New York and still makes his home there. #Writer #Authors

W. G. Sweet is the author of the Glennville series, Yellowstone, America the Dead and several other books. #Yellowstone #Authors #Glennville

This is an exercise in learning how to get past certain roadblocks and get what is in your head down on paper. #Writing #Authors #HowTo

Addiction Conversations with my fathers Kindle Edition. Age thirteen, suicide attempt three. I can't remember when it changed with my father. There was a time when I was still willing to forgive the fact that his sister molested me... #Addiction #Recovery

Walking Earth Book One Kindle Edition. The iron strapping had burst apart, and spun viciously down into the still draining molten rock, hissing as it touched the surface. The two men who now stood before them... #Armageddon #Mythology #ChristianFantasy

Fig Street (Glennville Book 1) 5.0 out of 5 stars. Glennville has its share of run-aways, bar fights but in the summer of 1969 a young woman is found dead in a weed choked field, and Sheriff Kyle's Steven's world changes forever... #Crime #Mystery

Alabama Island (Glennville Book 2) Kindle Edition Pearl:

“Where?” She managed at last. “Where is this place?” The ceiling was florescent lights in a panel ceiling. Dropped ceiling her mind supplied. An Americanism... #Alabama #Apocalyptic #Dystopian

America the Dead

America the Dead Survivors Stories one

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating The public had known that there was a meteor on a near collision course with the Earth. The Spin doctors assured the public it was survivable... #Apocalyptic #Zombies

America The Dead Survivor Stories Two. March 1st (Night) Quakes; three. Warmed up fast, all the dirty snow piled along the streets has melted. Torrential rains. Thunder and lightening in the snow storm that came after sunset. #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America The Dead Survivor Stories Three Kindle Edition The hunger was all consuming. The impulse to feed was the only coherent thought she had. It was all she could do not to find the smell that tempted her and consume it... #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America the Dead Survivor Stories Four

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating Donita walked down Eighth Avenue towards Columbus Circle. Behind her a silent army of the dead followed, numbering in the thousands... #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America the Dead Survivor Stories Five. The city is a refuge... Until they try to leave it...

The trucks stopped; for several minutes there was absolute silence. Just as the sun began to sink, the first shots came. The battle began. #Apocalyptic #Zombie

Yellowstone 5.0 out of 5 stars “All over Earth, pressures are rising. The brainiacs are still arguing over whether this could even happen.” He laughed. “Super Volcanoes, earthquakes; call it the Earth's way of cleansing itself.” #Earthquakes #Apocalyptic

City of the dead

5.0 out of 5 stars. Blood ran down one of my hands from the bite of the wire, but both of my hands closed around Abignew's neck, my thumbs on his windpipe, crushing. Squeezing. #Fantasy #Dreamers #Skinwalkers

Fourteen million dollars in a burned suitcase. Severed body parts in a duffel bag. Two hired killers. A drug dealer. Two organized crime kingpins; all chasing two white trash kids from New York down to the deep south. #Crime Fiction Adult content. Sex and violence.

The Nation Chronicles: Book One Kindle Edition

Candace yelled again as she raised herself to both cut and bruised elbows and began to fire back across the river.

The kid managed three shots before Candace hit him. He slowly toppled over and splashed into the river. Lydia stood: Her mouth wide open, staring across the river to where the kid had been.

Candace raised her eyes to where Lydia stood and they caught on the ragged, gaping hole blown through the back of her t-shirt. She continued to stand: Seeming to still be looking out over the river; her mouth working.

“Lydia,” Candace whispered.

Lydia slowly turned, her mouth still working but silent. A small neat hole wept blood down the front of her shirt. Her chest hitched and her eyes fluttered. #Dystopian #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Nation Chronicles: Book Two Kindle Edition

An alarm that was mounted partway up the wall above the huge banks of monitors began to bray. Long, strident calls. Mieka turned to the alarm, frozen for a second. It had never been triggered in the ten years he had worked at the Alaska station. Never. He had begun to believe it never would be triggered. He thought of it as the Oh Shit, alarm. It was triggered from the central office on the mainland. It was only set off if there was a catastrophic failure of some sort. With the delay because of the land lines he had no way of knowing how late the alarm was. What had already, in all probability, occurred.

He turned to go back to his own chair; there were decisions to make, people to notify. Suddenly the floor dropped from under him, and he found himself falling. Before he could reach the floor it suddenly leapt up to meet him, and he slammed headfirst into the polished concrete, nearly losing consciousness.

The Nation Chronicles: Book Three Kindle Edition

The conclusion of the trilogy begins here...

It had been broad daylight, but there had been no one to stop him or any of the other gangs that roved the streets and did as they pleased. He had broken into a pawn shop. She had talked him into going into the medication aisle at the Korean store down the street. And she had picked up the sleeping pills. He had seen her do it. She had told him it was Midol. Relief for period pain. She had picked up a box of Tampons too. He had turned red and had not asked her about them again. As a bonus he had left her alone that night also. Probably thinking that she had been indisposed. Fine. Whatever. It didn't matter any longer.

It was nearly dark by the time they had finally passed out. That had pissed her off. Pissed her off and scared her too. The dead were out here somewhere. The dark was their time... #Apocalyptic #Horror #KDP #eBook #Hardcover


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Walking Earth Book 1: Kindle.

5 stars

The iron strapping had burst apart, and spun viciously down into the still draining molten rock, hissing as it touched the surface. The two men who now stood before them... #Armageddon #Mythology #ChristianFantasy

Addiction: Conversations with my fathers: KU 5 stars

Well-written memoir of a young man that went through tough and sad situations growing up. Sometimes I got a little teary eyed. Great read! #Addiction #recovery #StreetLife

Yellowstone: Kindle Edition 5 stars

Yellowstone is not extinct it is active. The last super eruption was responsible for killing off the human population some seventy-four thousand years ago: Reducing it to a few thousand. #Drama #Adventure #Apocalyptic

City of the dead: Kindle 5 stars

I was caught up watching the sparrow so I paid no attention to the old man wandering slowly up the path behind me. The grit of a footstep at nearly the last second was all that alerted me... #Dreams #Fantasy #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Collection Book 1 Kindle Edition by Dell Sweet

A great change was coming to the Earth. Catastrophe was about to change everything her people took for granted. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee. For some death had become some other sort of life. A life they could not easily leave. #Zombie #Kindle #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Collection Book 2 Kindle Edition by Dell Sweet

5.0 out of 5 stars

Join Bear, Cammy and Beth as they fight to keep the Nation safe. They are constantly on the lookout for supplies for The Nation. The things The Nation needs to continue its growth, prosper, live in peace in spite of the hold that the dead now have on the outside world. #Zombie #Horror #Apocalyptic #Kindle

The Zombie Plagues: Collection Book 3 Kindle Edition by Dell Sweet

Bear took the stairs down to the lobby. The stairwell had been empty, but the lobby had not. The zombies had long before crashed in through the door and taken over the lobby. He had eased open the door to find two of them laying in the shadows, sleeping, or whatever it was they did that passed for sleeping. He stepped quietly out of the stairwell, shoved a piece of broken board into the fire door opening to keep it from closing and locking him out, and then walked quietly to where the two lay. #Zombie #Apocalyptic #Horror #Kindle

Star Dancer Kindle Edition by Dell Sweet

Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer right out of school and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn's moons. The times are changing though and the big money is in the longer out of system runs. To do that he'll need a crew and a bigger ship, but he has the ambition and the rest just might fall into place. A new navigator, the beautiful Petra starts him thinking in a new direction and not just about Star Cruising. Maybe the next few flights for Star Dancer will be her last and he and Petra can set their sights on bigger adventures out beyond the stars... #SCIFI #Space